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Beautiful • Thoughtful • Useful


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Fridays Favorites – Krista Fridays Favorites – Krista

Fridays Favorites – Krista

Summer is here in Seattle and I am absolutely loving it! Everyone knows it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, but our summers are spectacular. I love being able to sit outside on my patio in the morning with a cup of coffee and work. Along with the nice weather both Kate and I have all of our kids home from college and summer break is in full swing. It’s a challenge to juggle the activities the kids have, shuffling the “youngers” to and from friends houses and camps, being available to spend time with the “olders” as they will head back to school very soon and bouncing around with family vacations. Needless to say, our time in the office has been limited BUT Hummingbird and Holly is always on our mind. We are “noodling” on ideas for fall gift collections and attempting to get ahead of the game this season for the holidays. I feel very fortunate to be able to manage my schedule around my family and will be excited to hit the deck running in September.

What I am Reading

Currently I’m reading the book “Find Her” by Lisa Gardner. It’s out of my wheel house, as far as books go. I tend to gravitate towards the historical fiction genre. This is a creepy thriller and typically I have a hard time sleeping when I’m terrified. The author does such a fabulous job telling the story I cannot seem to put it down – and I’m sleeping just fine! It’s about a college girl on spring break who is kidnapped and held captive for 472 days in a pine box! After her release she starts working with an FBI victims advocate who helps her readjust to life, yet 7 years later she becomes obsessed with other girls who have been kidnapped and never made it home. She becomes a sort of vigilante.

What I am Loving

I am loving the hydrangeas in my yard this year. For some odd reason, there are a TON of blooms on all of my shrubs. Last year I think I had a total of 10 blooms. I did absolutely nothing as far as fertilizing or anything different in cutting them back, but this year they are soooooo happy. And that makes me happy.

What I am Excited About

My family and I are about to embark on an amazing adventure over to Europe for 2 weeks. We will travel to Paris, Rome and the Greek Islands. I am looking forward to the time away just the 5 of us, excited to have my people all to myself. My husband and I traveled to Rome and Florence in 2012 and since then we both have dreamed of being able to take our children back with us. That was my first experience outside of the country – not including Canada and Mexico. My eyes were opened to how enormous this world truly is. Sometimes it seems that here in our country, as thankful and free as I am to live here, we do not realize how small and young we truly are in comparison to the world.

These are my “peeps” at my sons high school graduation last month. Something I am NOT excited about, sending him off to college when we return from Europe

Who’s Impressing Me

Julia Olmholt of Raining Cookies. You have GOT to check her out. She started her business of baking beautiful cookies a few years ago after baking and decorating cookies with her mother and her sister most of her life. I met Julia about a year ago when Kate and I were searching for a little “sweet” addition for a custom gift box. Just as Hummingbird and Holly works diligently to curate items for our collections that are good quality, thoughtful and beautiful, Raining Cookies creates the most amazing cookies that are BOTH gorgeous and incredibly delicious. She bakes with the highest quality ingredients and her attention to detail is above and beyond. Her buttery sugar cookie reminds me of the holiday cookies my mom used to make when I was growing up. She is constantly upping her game when it comes to design and shape. She is an artist and truthfully one of the sweetest gals I have met since starting our business. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

What I am Grateful For

I am grateful for my family. My baby sister is home for 2 weeks with her kiddos and I am loving all of the time we get to spend together. On the weekends we head to my parents cabin on Whidbey Island, it’s a magical place. The kids love to explore on the beach and we get lots of time to visit. Happy Hour on the deck, watching the sunset over the Puget Sound, telling stories and lots and lots of laughing – treasured time, for sure. I am so thankful for the relationship that I have with my sisters. Although we haven’t seen one another since last October, it’s as if no time has passed. Here we are last weekend at the cabin –

We snuck away from all of the kiddos and went to dinner, just us girls in Woodinville at the Big Fish – had to take a selfie.

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With Gratitude – Krista
Fridays Favorites – Krista