Do What You Love

What you think you become.  What you feel you attract.  What you imagine you create.” – Buddha

  • “Do What You Love” Trinket Dish
  • Gold Zippered Pouch
  • Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream
  • Jonboy Caramel – Key Lime and Sea Salt


$60.00 excl. tax

Package Description

  • “Do What You Love” Trinket Dish by Rosanna – Women have the power.  No apologies or holds barred, these accessory pieces tell it like it is.  4.25″ x 6.25″ made of porcelain. 
  • Pink Grapefruit Natural Handcream by Michel Design Works –  Rich luxurious hand cream formulated to soothe and moisturize.  Made in England from natural botanical ingredients and natural shea butter graced with long lasting intoxicating scents. 
  • Gold Pouch by Poppin – Now all of your favorite pen pals can commute to work or school in style.  This gold metallic zippered pouch measures 8.5″x3″x3″.
  • Jonboy Caramel (Key Lime with Sea Salt) – This 4 oz. box of caramels is Jonboy’s spring/summer seasonal flavor.  They start with a buttery richness and finish with a citrus tang.  With this flavor, they partnered with Jacobson Salt Co. of Oregon in making a batch of Lime infused salts.



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