About Us

After a combined thirty-four years of working as stay-at-home moms, Kate and Krista began considering what the next chapter of their lives might hold. However, after several half-hearted job searches, they quickly realized one thing, while highly capable women, they were both utterly unqualified to pursue the careers they were most interested in.

“There are a million things we are good at,” Krista said.

“Yes,” Kate agreed, “but you can’t put driving carpools, diagnosing strep throat, and stain removal on a resume,”

“Don’t forget detangling knots in the fur of labradoodles, finding lost shin guards, and organizing pasta feeds” Krista said. “I host an impressive pasta feed!”

“We need to start our own company,” Kate declared, “then we can hire each other, and we won’t need resumes.”

So after two decades of friendship, six children, four dogs, two husbands, and one goal, Hummingbird and Holly, Original Care Packages was born.

It's Our Passion and Your Love Delivered!



Hummingbird and Holly scaled our welcome program for maximum impact with new customers and partners in a  way that is both creative and personalized.” – Cathy Visser-May, Acumatica


Gorgeous custom closing gifts created by Hummingbird and Holly help me maintain ongoing relationships with my clients”  ~Tracy Vaughn, Sotheby’s Realogics


Hummingbird and Holly creates cohesive, beautiful gifts that speak exclusively to my clients.” – Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events Owner